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IGP Panels
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FAFCO Solar Pool Heating Panels for In-ground Pools (IGP)...or even larger above ground pools.

All FAFCO panels are made of highly-stabilized polyolefin and have a parallel, circular channel (tubular) design.  They are unglazed, un-insulated, and designed for low temperature applications such as swimming pool heating, spas, aquiculture, and hydroponics.  They are impervious to any degradation from chemicals in the water itself, environmental toxins, or UV radiation.  Their only weak link is that they are susceptible to freeze damage if not drained properly in cold climates

They come in three common sizes: 4x8, 4x10, and 4x12 but can be special ordered in other lengths.  Each panel has parallel headers on each end are actually 2" i.d. x 51" long.  To minimize mounting hardware, it is always best to use the largest panels that will fit on the mounting surface.   For example, a standard house roof is 14 feet from crest to eave so it would be best to use a 4x12 panel.  There are three different panels designs:

For panel photo, specifications, and product detail, hit individual panel button under the page banner or the hyperlinks above.

These panels can be used for any pool applications because they are modular by design and easily connected together to get the larger solar panel surface area needed for above and inground pools of any size.  They also self-drain when installed on a minimum 6o pitched surface and plumbed properly thus allowing for permanent mounting. 

Warranty:  Basically, the only thing not covered by the warranty is freeze damage and any other "non-manufacturer's defects" due to external scraps or cuts from abrasive or sharp objects in contact with the panel itself after leaving the factory.  All panels are water tested at the factory to ensure there are no leaks present prior to shipment.  Check all panels upon receipt for possible shipping damage.  If you are careful installing the panels and mount them to a surface with a minimum 6o pitch (in areas where freeze can occur) they will last well beyond their warranties, usually by at least double from our 30 years of experience working with FAFCO panels. 

Fortunately, any panel damage can be easily rectified with a FAFCO Panel Repair Kit.  Each kit contains a tool to cut a groove in the damaged tube, a tool with which to insert a rubber plug, and ~25 plugs.  Individual plugs are also available.  Check with your dealer.  Downloadable FAFCO panel repair kit instructions.          

Key Benefits
  • Modular to adapt to any system sizing requirements. 
  • Three sizes available: 4x8, 4x10, 4x12.  (Other lengths can be custom ordered but discouraged)
  • Self-draining if installed on a surface with a minimum 6 degree pitch allowing for permanent mounting.
  • High BTU per square foot output - the highest Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) performance rating for any panel of its type. 
  • Internal sub-manifold between the header and the tubes ensures flow balance and enhance panel performance.
  • Can be used on either in-ground or above ground pools

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