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SOLAR CONTROLS WORK!                               

Solar controls should be an integral component of any solar system, especially inground pools (or larger above ground pools).  Click on this diagram for more detail.

  • They are essential for maximizing the solar performance of any pool solar systems even if you are in a consistently sunny area. 
    • By accurately monitoring the available solar radiation and your pool's temperature, they allow the solar system to function only when it can add heat to your pool or not depending on your needs.  
  • They help get the most benefit out of any solar system
  • They have the additional benefit of thermostatic control so you can set the temperature to which you want the solar to maintain your pool.  Just set it and forget it!
    • The pool will not heat beyond this set temperature without adjustment, a nice safety precaution
  • They assure high-limit protection.  Control is designed not to let water exceed 102o, unlikely for a pool but very possible for a spa.
  • These thermostatic controls can also be operated at night to cool your pool if you are in an area where pools get too warm on their own during the warmest days.

ecosystems offers three brands of solar controls: COMPOOL, GOLDLINE, and Heliotrope Pool.  All consists of a differential thermostat control (110/220VAC), a three-way motorized valve, and two sensors (water and sun).  Each manufacturer also has models to control a solar booster pump instead of, or with, a motorized 3-way valve, but boosters are generally unnecessary and not recommended on typical residential pools.  Individual components are also available.

In general, they are all good functional control systems.  Many of our dealers prefer the COMPOOL unit that we are frankly partial to ourselves and keep in stock at all times.  The GOLDLINE is also a good control but not as easy to get quickly since they are shipped from Rhode Island (versus CA).  The Heliotrope Pool system is the least expensive but, in our opinion, has a valve and actuator that is not as durable as the other two.  Its hard to beat the COMPOOL or JANDY motorized valves that are part of the COMPOOL and GOLDLINE control systems respectively.

Like FAFCO components, we prefer to sell these controls through qualified dealers in our official market area.

Key Benefits of Solar Pool Controls

  • Maximize solar system performance
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Accurately monitor system operation
  • Provide thermostatic control 
    • Set to the desired temperature and the control does the rest
  • Provide high limit protection
    • The pool will not exceed set temperature
  • Consistently reliable and durable


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