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Compool LX-220
Heliotrope Pool



Goldline Solar Controls (now made by Hayward Industries)

Goldline (previously known as Independent Energy) is the industry leader since 1975. Goldline has pioneered all of the advances that make automatic control of solar heating systems easy, accurate, and reliable.  We back this up with our 5 year limited warranty (see warranty statement for details).  Recently, Goldline was purchased by Hayward Industries.  As a result, they no longer will use the Jandy valve and actuator that they have used for years and will use a Hayward component that, apparently, is a good product.

All data Sheets and manuals are in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat to read.

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GOLDLINE GL-235 brochure - front

GOLDLINE GL-235 brochure - back


The GL-235-LV control combo (GLC) consists of a differential thermostat control (110/220VAC), a three-way motorized valve, and two sensors (water and sun).  The LV-HV model is for a solar booster pump instead of, or with, a motorized 3-way valve, but boosters are generally unnecessary and not recommended on typical residential pools.  Individual components are also available.

GL-235 Solar Pool Control specs.
  • Microprocessor based = digital accuracy
  • Sensor fault detection with LED indicator
  • 75F (24C) - 104F (43C) calibrated dial with "solar off" position
  • 120/240VAC input
  • 12/24VAC low voltage output (for valve)
  • 2HP@240VAC high voltage output
  • re-circulate freeze protection (field selectable)
  • nocturnal cooling (field selectable)
  Data Sheet
Installation/Operation Manual
GL-235 manual.pdf  
Other GOLDLINE Solar Control and Accessories  
Temperature Sensors
  • 10K thermistor types
  • +/- 0.1F accuracy
  • use with any Goldline controls
  • resistance-temperature chart
  Data Sheet
10K sensors.pdf
resistance-temp. chart.pdf  
Aqua Solar Solar Pool Control
  • Microprocessor based = digital accuracy
  • Digital temperature display for pool, solar and auxiliary sensors
  • Large, enameled metallic enclosure
  • Re-circulate freeze protection (field selectable)
  • Nocturnal cooling (field selectable)
  • 120/240VAC input power
  • 24VAC low voltage output (for valve)
  • Up to 2 plug-in 3HP relays can be used for:
    • booster pump control
    • time clock override
    • pool sweep interlock
    • solar priority
  Data Sheet
Installation/Operation Manual
Aqua Solar manual.pdf  
"Combo" Packages
  • Specify the desired valve (-1P or -2P) and sensors (-A or -B) to be included in the "combo"
  • NOTE:  Effective 6/1/04, Goldline no longer offers the -2NP (non-positive seal) valve option. Installer should select the -2P valve and drill a small hole (1/8'' - 1/4") in the diverter to allow the collector array to drain.
          GLC-____-____ GL-235 control with valve, 24 VAC actuator, and sensors
          ASC-____-____ AQ-SOL-LV control with valve, 24 VAC actuator, and sensors
          ASC-____-____-TC AQ-SOL-LV-TC control with valve, 24 VAC actuator, and sensors
brackets -A 2 PC sensors
-B 1 PC sensor and 1 SC-1/4 sensor

-1P 1.5"/2" positive seal valve
-2P 2"/2.5" positive seal valve

  Data Sheet
GL-235 data.pdf
Aqua Solar data.pdf
Goldline Combos.pdf
Installation/Operation Manual
GL-235 manual.pdf
Aqua Solar manual.pdf  
Valves and Actuators
  • V&A-1P
  • V&A-2P
1.5"/2" positive seal valve, 24 VAC actuator
2"/2.5" positive seal valve, 24 VAC actuator
Other manuals available
  • TD-GL
  • C-35
  • C-100
  • GL-35
Goldline TD-GL display.pdf
(Call customer service, $10 charge) 
(Call customer service, $10 charge) 
Goldline GL-35 data.pdf
Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Controls
GL-30 Solar Control
  • Differential temperature control
  • 8-20F adjustable turn-on differential
  • 4F fixed turn-off differential
  • 110-230F adjustable high limit
  • 120/240 VAC input
  • 20A, 2HP output
  • LCO includes line cord and outlet
  Data Sheet
Goldline GL-30 data.pdf  
Installation/Operation Manual
Goldline GL-30 manual.pdf  

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