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To download and print the complete installation procedure in PDF format click HERE.  We suggest printing in black and white and only the pages you need for reference.

Installing a FAFCO IGP Solar System

The following information is offered to our dealers and their customers in support of their efforts to properly install FAFCO solar pool heating panels mostly used for in-ground pools (but compatible with above ground pools as well) and to help answer potential questions that may come up during the installation process.  Please keep in mind that these are our generic suggestions based on the areas we sell into.  These suggestions are the result of over 40 years of experience working with FAFCO components including 17 years as a licensed solar pool heating contractor in CA, HI and OR.  Other official FAFCO dealers may have other ideas on how these systems should be installed based on local climate, wind conditions, local juristinctional requirements, etc.  It is always best to check with local building codes or contact us with any specifics regarding your installation needs not covered in this very basic procedure. 

  • This procedure is for systems using SunSaver™ only (for SunSaver STpanels simply click on the name)
  • The panels are meant to be permanently installed and to be able to drain where necessary.
  • For panels designed for smaller above ground pools only, refer to AGP Panels

Steps to Proper System Installation Click on the following page links:

  1. Determine panel location
  2. Connect panels together
  3. Secure panels to their mounting surface
  4. Install solar loop piping
  5. Connect piping to pool equipment
  6. Automatic Control Systems

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