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AGP Panels




SunSaver Panels For Above Ground Pools (AGP)

One AGP 4x20 panel along side pool.

AGP bypass valve operation

Three sides of AGP panel box used for POS display

FAFCO SunSaver "Plus" & "economy" AGP panels

FAFCO SunSaver 4'x20' AGP panels are made out of the same material as the standard SunSaver panel.  Each AGP panel  provides ~ 1014 BTUs per square foot per day or over 80,000 BTUs per day from its 80 square foot surface area.  This amount of heat can raise the temperature of most pools by 10+ degrees (depending on size of pool and climate).

Each panel has a unique built-in bypass valve that lets you adjust the flow through the panel to accommodate any size circulating pump or to completely bypass flow through the panel at night or when no solar heat is desired.  You never want to allow flow through the panel when the sun isn't shining unless you want to cool the pool.  The simple way to avoid such unwanted heat loss without needing to open the bypass every evening is to put a time clock on the circulating pump to only run during daylight hours.

One panel generally is all that is necessary to satisfactorily heat many above ground pool (depending on pool size and local climate, of course).  On larger pools, more than one panel can be connected together in "series" by a panel connector kit (Part #961) or in "parallel" by using PVC fittings. 

The differences between the "Plus" and "economy" panels are minor. 

  • The bypass valve in both is functionally similar.  The valve in the "Plus" unit has a check valve inside allowing for "automatic" flow bypass based on pressure.  Close the valve completely (handle perpendicular to header) and the check valve will adjust itself.  The "economy" has to be adjusted manually but this is simple to do.  With the valve open (handle in-line with header), slowly close the valve until the pressure on your filter increases 4-5 psi. 
  • The warranty on the "Plus" unit is 10 years limited (5 years full and 5 prorated); the "economy" is 10 years prorated (10% reduction per year).  Material is identical in both panels so durability should be equal under similar conditions.
  • The "Plus" comes with two 1.5" flexible 6' hoses; the "economy" does not.  Often two is too many or not enough anyway so whatever you need are available separately through your dealer.
  • The price on the "Plus" is 25% higher than the "economy"

Key Benefits
  • 4' x 20' pre-plumbed panel
  • Over 80,000 BTUs of heat per day
  • Raises water temperature 10 degrees for most pools 
  • 10 year limited warranty (10% prorated per year) 
  • Unique built-in manual bypass valve turns system on and off
  • Simple self-installation

Important: The horizontal tube design of these panels do not let the panels drain completely.  Either AGP panel must be removed, drained, and stored over the winter if freezing conditions may occur. 

If you prefer a system that can be permanently mounted to a minimum 6o pitched roof or rack (since it can automatically drain) it is perfectly OK to use SunSaver IGP panels for above ground pools.  In many cases, especially on larger above ground pools, e.g. 24 round or 16x32, etc., it is even recommended in order to get the proper surface area needed.  We do not suggest using more than two AGP units in series or four total.  If you need this much surface area, we recommend that you use IGP panels for sure. 

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