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Self-install Programs
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Self-install Programs
Saturday Seminars
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Our Self-Installation Program

We at ecosystems highly encourage everyone to install their own solar systems for no other reason than to save money.  This is especially the case for pool systems and our new hot water systems since the panels are light weight and easy to install, and connected to your pool or water heater using PVC piping, fittings, and valves and PEX tubing respectively.  If you want to consider it we will be glad to help out. 

Remember, we have 30+ years of experience designing and installing solar pool and DHW systems.  You can be assured that we have the expertise and interest to help you get the job done right! 

Important Aspect of Our Self-installation Programs: Pool Systems / SDHW Systems


  •  We properly design your system for you
    • based on information you provide on our questionnaire
      • questionnaire available from your dealer or see below.
  •  We provide step-by-step system installation instructions on this site under "system installation" in the in-ground pool heating section.  If you need specific instructions regarding any aspect of the installation, contact us.
  •  We support you through the process if you have questions, concerns, comments, etc.
    • Contact us by phone, fax, or email anytime.


  • Get a "self-install questionnaire" from your dealer or click on the hyperlinks below.  Fill it out in as much detail as possible.
    • It is important that you get us thorough and accurate information.  Don't leave any spaces blank if at all possible.  All information requested is important.  If you have questions filling out the form or making a drawing, let us know.  Click on the following links and download (print) each one:
    • Fax ONLY the questionnaire form and plot plan to your local pool dealer or to us at 503-492-7862.  If you send it to us, make sure you include your name, address, phone #, email address, and your pool dealer's name and phone #.  If you are within driving distance to Gresham, OR, you are welcome to attend one of our Saturday self-install seminars.  Call to schedule and  send the questionnaire to us in advance. 
  • We design your solar system based on the information you provide.
    • From this design, we send your dealer a wholesale quote for the necessary major solar components (panels, mounting hardware, controls, racks, etc.).
    • The dealer will then get you a price for these solar items.
    • All PVC piping, fitting, & valves and all other misc. hardware are purchased locally.
    • If you decide to buy, we can ship to your dealer or directly to you by UPS in most cases or common carrier if you prefer.
  • We give you installation instructions and recommendations.
    • Be sure to check our new step-by-step instructions with photo gallery under "system installation".
      • This can be downloaded in PDF format so you can copy the pages you need for reference.
  • We are there to support you through the process.  
    • We are a phone call or email away if you have any questions or need clarification throughout the procedure.
  • It is that simple!!

FAFCO panels, solar controls, and racks come with good installation instructions that, if followed, make installation relatively easy.  However, sometimes they can't adequately address specific questions relevant to your particular situation.  First try getting these tricky questions answered by referring to the following sections from this site:

If this doesn't work, contact us.

SDHW Systems

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