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Common Questions
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Common Questions

This section will soon contain answers to common questions on the Solar Pool Heating.  We've started with some FAQ but time has kept us from doing more.  For specific questions contact us for now.

  1. Can solar heat my pool?
  2. Can you help me design a pool system?
  3. Can I install my own system for my pool?
  4. How many panels will I need?
  5. Can FAFCO panels be permanently mounted?
  6. When is ... ?

Can solar heat my pool?

Absolutely!  As we say, solar is the most economical and cost-effective method to heat any pool in any climate.  The key is to have enough solar surface area to offset the heat losses of your pool to steadily increase your pool temperature.  Since both of these are variable with location, your pool environment and your personal needs, solar system type and size will vary too.  Pull up our pages on pool heating (either for above or in-ground pools) and learn more about it.  If you want help designing a system pull up system design and if you are considering installing it have a above ground pool you have two choices of panels.  One is our very basic SunSaver "economy" unit that is 4x20 feet.  One panel will add 80,000 BTUs The important points to remember is to size your solar system properly for your pool surface area, your desired swim season, and your local climate. 

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Can you help me design a system... ?

Absolutely, just fill out one of our design questionnaires in the System Design section with as much detail as possible and get it back to us or your dealer. 

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Can I install my own system for my pool?

Yes, simply fill out one of our questionnaires available in the Self-install section.  Detail information is critical for us to design a system for you, give you installation instructions, and support you as needed through the process. These systems are relatively easy to self-install if instructions are followed, you can handle simple power and hand tools, and you are not afraid of heights, if you are installing on a roof.

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How many panels will I need to heat my pool?

This is a tough question to answer easily.  You first need to determine the surface area of your pool, the number of months you want to heat your pool, how warm you want it, whether you will use a pool cover or not, your location, panel orientation, etc.  Recommended solar panel surface area to pool surface varies from 50-75% depending on location especially and how the other questions are answered.  The size of the panels needed is completely dependent on the surface they are mounted to.  For in-ground pool or even above-ground pools, the panels come in 4x8, 4x10, and 4x12.  It is always best to use the longest panels possible. 

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Can FAFCO panels be permanently mounted?

Yes, if they are the right type of panel.  Any panel mounted with the tubes horizontal to the ground, like our AGP panels, will potentially not drain well and my be subject to freeze damage over the winter in a cold climate.  Panels, like our IGP panels, can be permanently mounted by design.  They must be drained of course.

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When is ... ?

[This is the answer to the question.]

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