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Installing Solar Pool Heating Systems

Self-installing a solar system for your pool is usually quite easy depending somewhat on your specific situation and type of system you choose to install.  FAFCO has two types: the simple system for above ground pools using the SunSaver AGP system and the somewhat more complex system using IGP panels, controls, etc. for larger above ground and in-ground pools.   Even for in-ground pools the process if very doable given proper instructions and support.  Doing your own system can save you $$$$ over having a contractor do it.  Besides, there are many supposed "solar contractors" out there who either don't understand solar pool system design and/or installation procedures or don't do quality work.  Plus, even within my pool dealer group, many simply don't have the time or personnel to do your project when you might want it done.  In the spring and early summer, pool people are busy opening pools and preparing for the swim season.  Most of our dealers appreciate the fact that we are willing to help their customers install their own systems.  Its a real win, win, win situation for us, them, and you.

Above Ground Pools (AGP)

These AGP systems are designed to be self-installed and complete instructions comes in the box.  Each panel is 4x20'.  Typically they are laid right next to the pool or you can build a simple rack or strap them to a roof.  Depending on the size of your pool, you can install up to two of these panels in series or up to four in parallel.  Refer to the section on above ground pools for pictures and other information.  AGP Installation Manual (PDF)

In-ground Pools (IGP) or larger above ground pools

In-ground pools are more complex than above ground (see in-ground pool section and go to system installation for a step-by-step installation procedure).  As a result, we need more information regarding your pool and other site considerations before we can suggest how best to do your installation.  To obtain this information from you, we designed a simple questionnaire that you fill-out and return to us or your dealer.  We call this process our Self-Installation Program.

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