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Parts/tools List




Materials and Tools List to Self-install


  • Panels 
    • Number and size to be determined
  • Controls
    • Manual or Automatic 
      • If manual, we recommend using a 2" Compool or Jandy 3-way valve for the solar diverter valve
  • PVC Piping (2" Sch. 40)
    • Length to be determined 
    • Avoid flex PVC - even in the ground
  • Fittings
    • An assortment of 90s, street 90s (ftg. x slip), 45s, couplings, reducer bushings, and tees
  • Valves (PVC)
    • Two ball valves for isolation of solar loop
      • Necessary if pool equipment operated at all during winter
    • Another check valve after filter if DE (diatomaceous) filter used
      • Can also use check valve to keep panels full all season
        • Easier on pump
    • Drain valves or hose bibbs as needed to protect panels and piping from freeze damage
  • PVC glue and primer (clear glue and primer mask drips and splatters)
  • Lag bolts (1/4" x ?) depending on surface type
  • Mastic sealant (Henrys 208 or equivalent) in tubes
  • Pipe clamps - two hole "rigid" conduit clamps
  • Screws (assorted) to use with clamps and to mount control box
  • Sensor wire - 18-22 gauge, two conductor, double insulated stranded wire (similar to bell wire).  It is best to use a PVC jacketed wire for UV protection.  Available at Home Depot.  If any wire is going in a trench it should be in 1/2" conduit.
  • Wire nuts and silicone sealant various sizes (Yellow, blue, gray)
  • Cable ties-11" (black)
  • Paint for UV exposed PVC (black or color of roof and walls)


  • 5/16" nut-driver or flat screwdriver
  • 7/16" socket and drill adapter
  • Drill - cordless or corded as long as it has enough torque to drive lag bolts
  • PVC saw or hacksaw
  • Wire strippers
  • Drill bits as needed
  • 3 1/8" hole saw if penetrating roof eave using 2" PVC
  • Small screwdriver 1/8" for sensor wire connections to control
  • Caulking gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Ladder
  • Knife of razor knife
  • Shovel if trenching
  • Hammer and nails if needed

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