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Solar Energy, Pool Products and Services  

ecosystems is a solar thermal product wholesale distributor that offers quality components through our extensive dealer network along with unique customer services we offer directly to both the dealer and consumer market.  We specialize in solar pool heating applications and have over 40 years of experience in all aspect of design, installation, and maintenance of solar pool heating systems for both residential and commercial application.  We also have extensive experience in solar domestic hot water (DHW) heating and photovoltaic (PV) applications.


We currently offer a variety of different product mostly related to swimming pools.  Check our PRODUCTS section above. 


In addition, we support you by offering these unique services:

Throughout this website, there are hyperlinks to printable documents and data in Adobe PDF format.  If you don't already have Adobe Reader, you will be prompted to download a free version or click  Remember to click on any thumbnail picture for a larger version.  

We hope you find our website useful and informative.  You will quickly notice that we don't advertise pricing on our site.  We don't do so for several reasons:

  • Buying solar energy components or systems usually involves an educational process so you buy only what you need.  We built this site to help increase your knowledge and understanding of these systems and what it takes to design and possibly install your own.  In addition to information, we want you to take advantage of the services we offer to support you before and after product purchase.
  • All of our FAFCO solar pool heating products are sold through qualified dealers.  We have 150+ and growing in seven states (OR, WA, ID, HI, CO, MT & WY).  There is probably at least one in your area and there are advantages of buying locally. 

Company Profile

Michael Fitzgerald founded ecosystems in 1988 when moving his California operation to Hawaii and the NW.  He started in the solar industry in 1975 in Santa Barbara, CA and spent 17 years as a solar thermal contractor (now inactive) in CA, HI, and OR designing and installing thousands of solar pool and DHW systems.  As a result, ecosystems has extensive experience in the design, installation, and service of solar pool and hot water heating systems and a ever-growing knowledge of PV and wind energy systems.  As of 1992, ecosystems,is exclusively a wholesale solar product distributor exclusive with FAFCO components and systems as well as Hayward Industries (Goldline), Pentair Pool Products, and H2Flo (Flow-Vis).

Our Missions

ecosystems has three equally important missions:

  • Offer quality solar energy components. 
  • Provide you with the help and support necessary so you can make the right product decisions to satisfy your needs.  We offer detailed product and system information and will answer your questions so you can select only the components you need. 
  • Assist you in the proper design, installation, and maintenance of whatever system you are looking for whether you do the work yourself or have others do it for you.  We highly encourage people to do their own work and save money.   However, if installing is not something you want to consider, we might be able to supply names of those that can do the work for you in your area depending on the system type and your location. 

We want to help you utilize renewable energy systems that work and perform reliably for many years to come, reducing the world's nonrenewable energy consumption.

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Contact Information

503-805-0633  Call anytime.  We are generally in between 9-6 Pacific time but  please leave a message if we are out.
503-492-7862  24/7/365
Snailmail address and warehouse location
10230 SE 252nd Drive, Damascus, OR 97089 (for directions hit MapQuest)

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