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Mounting Hardware

SunSaver ST
Mounting Hardware



Mounting Hardware Components for All FAFCO Panels

Be sure to check the following pictures of each mounting hardware component!

Mounting hardware components are sent out one of two ways:

  • They can come directly from the factory
    • Then the components come in "PACKS".  Refer to pack parts.pdf for a list of all pack components:
      • Panel pack contains all the hardware needed to mount one panel
        • Including rubber couplers, clamps, straps and tie down cleats
      • System pack contains all other items needed to mount one standard system
        • Including female adapters, end caps, vacuum relief valve
      • Split pack contains extra items needed wherever a "split" in the panel bank occurs
        • To go around plumbing vents, skylights, etc.
        • Includes female adapter, cleats, etc.
      • Bank pack contains items needed if you have more than one bank of panels.
  • If they come from our warehouse
    • We send necessary components from our bulk stock depending on your system design
    • Dacron strapping comes in a roll vs. precut in the packs
      • Must be cut onsite
    • Typically do not send 5" rubber couplers
      • We suggest using 3-1/2" instead


3 1/2" x 2" Rubber Coupler #2033

Connect panels together

#40 Stainless steel clamp #2031

Secures couplers to panels

Cap and Base tie-down cleat--separated. #6918/6919

Secure Dacron & vinyl straps to mounting surface

Cap and Base with Dacron strap

Note single knot in Dacron strap ends

2" CPVC Female Adapter #5081

Connects PVC piping to panels

2" End Cap #5080

Used at end of panel header

2" Vacuum Relief #187

Help facilitate panel drainage

ST Bracket #6947

Slide onto header to secure upper header

ST Bracket on panel header

Mini-display panel showing all components in relative position


  • Reinforced rubber couplers and stainless steel "worm-drive" clamps hold panels together.
    • These couplers and clamps are also used on the end of each panel header to hold end caps, vacuum relief valves, and female adapters as needed to the panels (see below).
  • Two-piece tie-down cleats (cap and base) are used to secure all strapping to the mounting surface.
    • The "base" is bolted and sealed to the mounting surface, the strap is laid in the groove, and the "cap" then threads onto the base securing the strap.
  • Short 32" Dacron strap wrap around the rubber couplers along the upper header
    • These Dacron straps are either precut or cut on-site from 150' roll.
    • The ST bracket can be substituted for this strap and cleat
    • Tie knot is all strap ends
  • Short 32" vinyl  strap (not shown above) is similarly used for the lower header as needed.
    • The vinyl straps typically come precut and are used at the couplers of the bottom header to allow panel expansion and contraction.  Depending on wind conditions, they can be put at every coupler, at every other coupler, only at the corners, or not at all. 
  • Dacron "belly band" straps hold the panel body down to mounting surface. 
    • These straps either come precut at 62" long or are cut on-site from a 150' continuous roll.
    • 8' panels use two while 10' and 12' panels use three. 
    • They should be located 6-24" above lower header and likewise below upper header and the third, if used, is across the middle of the panel.
    • Tie knot is all strap ends
  • CPVC female adapter -- used at all PVC pipe/panel connections
  • End cap -- used at all non-piped corners (if VR is not used)
  • Vacuum relief valve (VR) -- usually placed at one end of upper header to facilitate drainage.

SunSaver ST

The SunSaver ST panel uses the same couplers and clamps to hold the panels together and vinyl straps and cleats for the lower header.  This panel does not need Dacron belly bands due to its more open design.  Instead of the short Dacron strap and cleat at the upper header this panel can use an unique hold-down bracket at the upper header.  This bracket can also be used with SunSaver as well.  The advantage of the bracket is that it can be moved along the panel header to any location.  This is convenient if you want to secure to a rafter or other structural element not inline with the coupler location.



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