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Series 500 - glycol

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Series 500 - glycol
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The Series 500 (REVOLUTION) SDHW System

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The Series 500, also referred to as the REVOLUTION, Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating System is new and unique system in the fact that the panels and all solar loop piping are non-metallic.  They will not corrode, they are more tolerant of freezing conditions, and less expensive than metal panels and copper solar loop.

All Components needed to install the system are included in basic kit:

  •      48 square feet of polymer panel surface
    • Two 2x12s or three 2x8s
  •     Mounting hardware adaptable to most roof materials
    • Tile and metal roofs may be an exception considering specific design of roof itself
  •     Roof jacks
    • Again adaptable to most roofs.
  •     80' of 1/2" UV resistant tubing for solar-loop plumbing
    • Includes all quick-connect fittings
  •     Integrated Circulation Module
    • Includes two low voltage pumps
    • SS heat exchanger (HX)
    • Digital controller
  •     Braided SS hose and brass fittings
    • to connect potable water loop to HX
  •     Three gallons of glycol (except in HI)
  •     NO tanks are included
    • Easier and cheaper to obtain locally if needed



All above components fit in one box for easy and cheaper shipment and transport


Component Details: click on thumbnails for larger image




Design considerations:

  • Single tank system (shown below with four panels and two drainback tanks)
    • System can be connected to existing water heater with electric back-up for smaller families or to a larger single electric water heater.
    • This confirguration cannot be used with gas water heaters (natural, propane or LPG) since they heat from the bottom up not allowing stratification of cold incoming water needed for solar do effectively heat the water and reduce the gas burner operation.
  • Dual tank system
    • This configuration must be used with gas water heaters where solar preheats water in the storage tank that then feeds into the water heater reducing the burner operation.
    • Can also be used with electric water heaters to verify solar function and/or to increase solar volume
  • Single tank with instantaneous (tankless) gas water heater
    • Again, solar tank preheats tankless water heater reducinging burner operation

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