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Dankoff Solar Pumps


We don't expect many people will change out their existing pool pump for a Solar-powered DC model.  However, there will be those of who either just want to reduce your pool's electric consumption or who have no choice if they are off the grid but want to have a pool for their family. 

About Dankoff Solar

    Dankoff Solar Products is a wholesale-only distributor of
    photovoltaic system components, a manufacturer and importer of solar
    water pumps, and a supplier of solar heating components.

    Our hands-on experience dates back to 1977. We now supply hundreds of
    energy system dealers, water well suppliers, contractors and more,

    * We live with what we sell
    * Our support is unbeatable
    * We have a tremendous stock of products
    * We refer ALL retail sales to our dealers

    We know our products because we have LIVED with them since 1977. Our
    success is built upon that pioneering experience, the quality of our
    educational outreach, and our dealer support skills.

    Because we care about the world that our children will inherit, we
    work hard to help our entire industry to blossom.

Dankoff Solar Pool Pumps

SunCentric P

    SunCentric P
    The SunCentric solar pump has been used in agricultural and pool applications since 1989 with consistent success. It is built to industrial standards, has a 20 year life expectancy and is nearly silent. The SunCentric pool pumping systems are compatible with existing pool equipment including solar pool heating systems.

    Residential pool circulation
    Pond Management
    Fountains, Waterfalls

    SunCentricManual (PDF file)


Other Solar Pump Applications

Solar Water Pumps
    Solar Water Pumps
    Lorentz pump providing water in Eastern Colorado

    For locations without power lines, Dankoff Solar Pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning generators and windmills. They require no fuel deliveries, and very little maintenance. A solar pump, produces the most water when it is needed the most -- when the weather is sunny and dry! We specialize in pumps with DC motors since they are more efficient than AC pumps. Our pumps can operate directly off of solar electric (photovoltaic or "PV ") panels, batteries or any DC power source. They are most commonly operated off solar electric panels which is why they are known as solar pumps. Some of our pump models can be ordered to operate off AC power for situations where utility or generator power is available but efficiency is paramount.

    Deep well pumping
    Irrigation (lift and pressurized)
    Livestock (pipeline transfer, pond and stream protection)
    Home and village supply
    Medical clinics
    Camp sites, vacation cabins
    Water purification and treatment systems, Solar water heating and Hydronic floor heating

    Lorentz Pump Manual (PDF file)
    DC Circ Pumps Specs (PDF file)

    Solar Water Pumping: A Practical Introduction
    Pipe Sizing Chart
    Glossary of Solar Water Pumping Terms
    Solar Tracking for Solar Water Pumps



    DC Circulating pumps
    DC Circulating pumps Dankoff Solar offers a wide variety of DC pumps for circulating fluid in solar water and space heating systems.
    Submersible Pumps
    Submersible Pumps Lorentz submersible pumps can lift up to 760 feet and can provide as much as 25,000 GPD. Any of our submersible pumps will fit in a 4" or larger well casing and can operate directly off solar panels, batteries or in some cases an AC power source.
    Surface Pumps
    Surface Pumps Surface pumps are installed at ground level to lift water from shallow water sources such as shallow wells, ponds, streams or storage tanks. Surface pumps can also be used to provide pressurized water for irrigation or home water systems.
    Water Pump Questionnaire
    Water Pump Questionnaire Solar Pump Design Questionaire