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Solar Electric - PV Systems and Components

Solar modules on a tracker

Solar module on a RV

ecosystems no longer offers components shown above to produce solar electric power using photovoltaics or PVWe've decided to concentrate on thermal systems only for now.  The main reason is that the PV market is in tremendous flux.  Due to the cost involved in most residential or commercial applications, utility support or other governmental incentive programs are essential to make them at all feasible, especially if you want others to do the  work for you.  Thus, politics and funding of these incentives  fluctuate with time and place making it a boom or bust situation. 

PV is expensive electricity and is certainly not for everyone.  However, there is a burgeoning interest in independent "distributed power" systems such as in the case of a remote home where conventional grid power is too costly to bring-in, RV applications, or for those foresighted grid-connected individuals who just want to produce their own energy and be less dependent on their utility.  Some electric utilities offer incentives.  For example, the Energy Trust in Oregon is administering incentives for Pacific Power and Portland General Electric (see

We can still offer help finding specific components.  Often, based on your location, needs, or specific questions, we pass you onto others more qualified than we are.  Give us a try. 

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